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Bette Midler 'loved' Twitter 'feud' with Gaga

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Bette Midler 'loved' Twitter 'feud' with Gaga Empty Bette Midler 'loved' Twitter 'feud' with Gaga

Post  Ilvana Midler Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:29 pm

BETTE MIDLER has laughed off her "feud" with LADY GAGA after the veteran entertainer accused the POKER FACE hitmaker of copying her mermaid in a wheelchair performance during a recent concert.
Gaga took the stage at a show in Australia in July (11) wearing a mermaid tail while sitting in a wheelchair, but the move appeared to infuriate Midler, who logged onto her social networking blog to remind fans that she came up with the gimmick first - way back in 1980.

She tweeted, "I'm not sure Lady Gaga knows that I've performed my mermaid in a wheelchair for millions of people - and many of them are still alive... Dear Lady Gaga if you think a mermaid in a wheelchair seems familiar - it's because it is! You can see it on youtube 24/7 - with ME performing it... Dear Lady Gaga I've been doing singing mermaid in a wheelchair since 1980 - You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker t**s - mermaid's mine."

Gaga insisted she had "no idea" Midler was the originator of the stunt, but the Hollywood star has since dismissed their war of words as a fun and harmless feud, and she's adamant there's no hard feelings.

Midler tells U.S. entertainment news show Extra, "We had a feud, which I loved.

"I'm not a good tweeter. I said a couple of things. I opened a can of worms. I wasn't irked at all! I thought it was hilarious. I was actually very flattered, and then we sort of put it to rest."

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